About the Spaceflight Operations Division

Welcome to the  Spaceflight Operations Division! (SFOD).  Our goal is to ensure a 100% success rate of manned missions to the moon and beyond. Currently, flight plans are in the works, along with designs for a lunar base to be assembled and deployed on the moon. Those working in the Spaceflight Operations Division are expected to exceed and surpass every challenge that is handed to us from the VUSSP administration. We welcome old members, and members from other divisions of the VUSSP to voice any concerns or ideas.

Interested in becoming part of this great adventure? The SFOD is looking for Astronauts (preferably with experience flying the orbiter program) as well as people to help in the SFOD. If you are interested in becoming an astronaut for the VUSSP, or if you are interested in joining the SFOD to help put together flight plans, and help design new missions to get to the moon, and eventually to Mars. Then step right up to the next best thing to a real launch by NASA! We operate very similar to NASA in many ways, so if your dream is to help put together a mission plan to fly to other worlds, to train astronauts, plus many other fun and exciting endeavors then joining the SFOD is just for you! We are accepting applications from ALL people. Although to become part of the SFOD team or to become an astronaut we ask that you be a minimum of 16 years of age, and have a positive attitude. We also would like to see people be able devote AT LEAST 5 hours per week into working for the VUSSP. Join today to become part of the next best thing to a real launch. The current goal of the SOFD, is to land a man on the Moon, survey the area for a suitable site to place a lunar base and then return our astronauts safely back to Earth. Our goal is also to construct a lunar base and have it ready and operational by early 2017. After successful construction of a lunar base, we will be aiming our sights on Mars, and who knows where we will go to next! Stay tuned for more updates on the SFOD! Soon, we will have an entire area dedicated to astronauts and the SFOD to be able to work together more closely and more easily train our astronauts and SFOD personnel!!