VUSSP Reopening Date Set

(Milledgeville, GA)  After being closed for over 14 years, the Virtual United States Space Program, also known as VUSSP, has set a date for its grand opening and the re-launch of its original website.  Founded in 2001 by Kayamone Sutton, VUSSP stood as the second largest and second longest running virtual space agency in the virtual industry.

At the agencies peak, VUSSP boasted over 150 members world-wide, and conducted over 100 unmanned missions, and over 20 manned missions, which included the establishment of a permanent earth orbiting manned space station.  VUSSP missions were broadcast with live audio and video for general public viewing.  VUSSP operates on both the Microsoft Flight Simulator and Orbiter Sim platforms to conducts air and spaceflight operations.  While no plans are currently underway as to the focus of its spaceflight operations, VUSSP is actively recruiting individuals interested in heading the organization.  VUSSP Executive Director added these remarks: “VUSSP was the type of organization where creativity and imagination was harnessed and put into action and that will continue to be this organization’s primary focus as we enter its second chapter.  We placed importance on recruiting members who have dreams that reach beyond the skies and allow them to put their dreams to the test in a way that is both educational, fun, and inspiring for people of all ages.”

The grand opening of VUSSP and official re-launch of the VUSSP website has been set for Monday April 6, 2020 at 1:00pm.  Individuals interested in inquiring about leadership positions within VUSSP prior to the grand opening are urged to email Mr. Sutton at


Direct all media inquiries to:
Kayamone Sutton
Executive Director, VUSSP